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"SPORTEX" aim to cater the clients who need excellent quality and comfort from clothing.  All fabrics are chosen for their durability, breathability and suitability, which to be applied in our products for the high performance.

In principle, we use only the high quality materials, chosen for their ability to perform well, feel comfortable, look good and wash well. They are some of our most successful fabrics, i.e. Waterproof and breathable fabric, Cooldry, Coolmax, Nylon / Lycra, Supplex, Tactel, Power Lycra, Cotton / Lycra, etc. In the mean time, we are always sourcing for the latest and high performance fabrics which to be used on our new collections.

"SPORTEX" is recognised for developing and creating top quality team and corporate group. We advise clients on fabrics and designs, and prefer top quality fabrics to be used on the exciting collection they offered.

"SPORTEX" is acclaimed development team works closely with top sportsmen and women,  plus the leading fabric manufacturers to continually innovate and improve the range. It's reflected right across the range of our products with excellent design, perfect garment finishing and high performance fabrics, etc. 

Whether sailing amongst icebergs in the Southern Ocean or hiking across wet and windy exposed moorland, you are got the best, most comfortable protection available from "SPORTEX" .

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